I woke up to a blanket of snow and a list of school cancelations, but of course the University was not on that list.  I contemplated not going to class, given that it was jsut 1 hour and chances are alot of students woudl be skipping, but i said, "no it's a quiz day, i need to go to class."  My mom offered up her car for me to drive since it was in the garage all night and i woudl have had to scrape and clean my car.  So I head off, sliding my way out of the driveway and up the hill.  That should have been a sign to turn back and get back into the driveway but nooooo i had to persevere and go to class.  It seems that knowing i'm going to have to miss class in the future keeps me motivated to go now.  I get about halfway across town, come to a stop at a stop light and get my rear bumper smacked by a 20 year old in a jeep.  SHe's flipping out, i'm trying to stay calm and focused, and we can't call the police b/c they are on high alert and only responding to traffic accidents with injuries.  I coudl ahve thrown a fit and called jsut b/c i was pregnant but i was really shaken and knew i was ok.  I wasn't hit hard, and i dind't feel any immediate pain, jsut really shaky.  The baby was kicking like crazy too.  So i headed back home and did the whole insurance claim thing and then called my Dr's office.  I was hoping to jsut get my monday appointment switched to today.  But i got to the dr's office and they directed me to the hospital to be monitered.  This is where to fun started

You see, both my parents are nurses, Dad is OR and Mom is ER, so i've grown up going to the hospital on social visits but very very rarely as a patient.  My mom has been teaching nursing at the University for the last few years and does her clinical rotation in the nursery.  Her office mates do their rotation in labor and delivery and today happened to be their clinical day.  So I'm still in ER addmitting when my dad shows up, b/c he was at work, and he followed me and the nurse down to the maternity ward, fully dressed in scrubs and surgical wear.  I see my mom's colleagues standing at the deslk and they wave at me and point me into my room.  From there I had a flow of visitors.  From my dad bouncing back and forth between surgery and OB, to the students and teachers from school, and my mom coming and going....i never really did get any quiet time.  I read some mags, and tried to get some sociology reading done but i coudln't stay focused.  Deep down, i knew i was ok, that i was jsut anxious and though better safe than sorry.  They kept me monitered for 5 hours and nothing seemed out of place.  I'm still havign the same inconsistent contractions, and the baby's heart rate steadily bounced between 120 and 160.  I'll have my checkup on monday as usual and make sure everything's still cool.  I feel really lucky to have 2 nurses at home to keep me calm all weekend...although my dad did keep making cracks about already having my bag packed.  But i'm fine...my mom's car is worse than me...estimation $1,600 repair to her rear bumper.  My mom has the worst luck with cars.  At least it wasn't my car he he he.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 7:44 PM I'm glad you and the baby are okay.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:11 PM I am sorry that happened!!! But, SO GLAD you two are okay! And, yeah....next time schools are closed stay home...lol! :-) It's cool that you are so dedicated to attending classes -- but, don't risk it, okay? Good to hear that you have "Nurses" on call @ home, that's pretty cool! Hope you won't have any issues, sorry Mom's car got hurt...hope she is okay with that, too! Take care of yourself and watch out for the others drivers...lol!

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