Ok, I got this from one of my friends here. so thought I would share more of myself right here on my journal page. If and when you want to know MORE, remember, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ASK ME.

1) My favorite clothing is my pj's.

2) My favorite sandwich is Peanut butter and Jelly

3) my favorite music is Country

4) My favorite tv show is not just 1-but depends on the day and time- I am a couch potato, a tv addict here.

5) I own a dodge caravan, but hoping to sell this summer and buy a car.

6) The worst food is tomatoes but love ketchup and spaghetti sauce(go figure) lol.

7) My favorite food is mashed potatoes and chicken

8) My middle name is Lucille(even my boyfriend don't know this one-he has never asked; even after 18yr)

9) My breakfast is mostly at work- french toast or croissant with bacon, fast food restaurant is where I work.

10) I don't go out- no movies, no restaurants, no vacation, no visits to another city. I am a home body-just bought first home last year all money go there. lol. have tons of channels on tv, and tons of dvds and vhs.

11) I don't wear any jewelry, have no tattoos, and don't smoke and don't drink.

12) I wake everyday-including my 2 days off by 5:30am; started being early when daughter started kindergarten and now she is 18yr. my only child. lol- adult now. lol.

13) My dream vacation IF I play and win the lottery would be Hershey Pennsylvania or Empire State Building.

14) Color of my bathroom is white walls-bare, shower curtain with dolophins, beige carpet for now; would like to put tile down.

15) I don't watch or play any sports- maybe superbowl for the commercials and a little of game- 5 min.

16) My biggest pet peeve is don't lie or steal from me. I will give you what I can.

17) My shoe size is 6 1/2 womens; not saying clothing or underwear size.

18) I wanted to become a kindergarten teacher- love kids BEFORE they knew too much lol.

19) My favorite candy is Hershey's with almonds- to die for.

20) I work 6:30am till 3pm, come home, make dinner watch tv , a little computer, pay bills on days off, do laundry and clean house. that is my typical day.

21) My favorite flower is daisies, like simple things, not expensive- love the flowers at walmart, sometimes buy them for myself.

22) I am looking forward to my daughter's 18th birthday-February 17th and her graduation June 2009.

23) Last thing I have eaten was ice cream

24) I have wished 1 time, but not a star. but the wish never happened.

25) After watching the tv shows: Ghost Whisperer, and Angels in the outfield, I do believe we all have an angel watching over us or even a deceased family member watching.

26) If I were a crayon I would be green, the color of fresh cut grass.

27) My favorite soft drink is Pepsi or Chocolate milk.

28) Favorite Restaurant is Bob Evans, 99% of the time I cook every night at home.

29)My family is: 4 sisters and 3 brothers; 4 older and 3 younger than me- we don't talk to each other - busy with our own lives; My mom passed away 18yr ago, My dad is 75yr and retired to Florida- he is very active. there are 12 grandkids.

30) Favorite day of the year is my daughter's birthday- she is my world- love all the holidays too.

31) Favorite day of the week is none- they are all the same to me- work, work, and more work. either home or outside the home.

32) My favorite season is Spring; when all the snow is gone, the trees and animals come out and kids start enjoying the warm weather.

33) How can you choose: HUGS OR KISSES: I love to give and receive both from my daughter and boyfriend. even though he don't give much of either.

34) Love Chocolate anything.

35) Love to receive email from friends and family- don't like the fowards or ones that are addressed to EVERYONE on their friends list.

36) I have only been living in my new house for 1yr so there is nothing under my bed.

37) I have friends online but have NEVER met them. I have started hanging out with 4 friends from work 1 time a month going bowling.

38) After dinner , usually watch tv or check email and then back to tv.


40) I am afraid of: falling, heights(I am 4' 11"), and drowning(the water on head).

41) I have 3 keys on keychain.

42) I have worked 5yr at this burger king restaurant, but a total of 18yr of fast food restaurant experience.8yr at Mcdonald's then wnet to burger kindf or more hrs.

43) I have lived in 3 towns: the 1 I grew up in: Geneva, OHIO; 2nd: Florida for 4 yrs.; and the 3rd: currently at Ashtabula, OHIO

44) I take my time making new friends in person because I like to wait and see if I have anything in common with them.

45) We have 3 cats and a husky dog: orange: oliver, white: snowflake, and black: Prue. The dog is Jena- 1yr old husky.

46) I wear black socks for work and home, at home no socks.

47) watch tv all day and night.

48) I just had dinner- pork chops and macaroni salad.

49) I drive only automatic,never learned stick shift-standard.

50) talked to boss this morning.

51) I don't know anyone online-for sure.

52) I am 45yr old. mom.

53) Just last November tried highlights-I really like them.

54) I vent anger by screaming.

55) I played with my brothers' trucks and cars in the sandbox.

56) I don't eat cheeries or bluberries.

57) NO ONE RESPONDS to these things-otherwise they would have seen that there are 14 answers already answered in early post about me.

58) READ MY JOURNALS to know who I am or ask me>>>thanks for reading.

59) I live with a man as married for 18yr- don't have the marriage license, his own bank account, my own bank account, I don't use his name as my own, I never use his ssn and he never uses my ssn. with MY daughter-18yr old.-he has known her since she was 1, but not her biological but raised her for 18yr.

60) I cried about a month ago.

61) nothing in bottom of closet- just cleaned it out last weekend.

62) No one has ever inspired me- just doing what I need to get through each day.

63) Don't eat hamburgers at home- at fast food- ketchup,pickles,lettuce,cheese.


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