it's me again. sitting here watching football simply to be next to him. and i'm not even thinking about him! that's the funny thing. i realise i'm not as important to him as he is to me, so hey man! i'm gonna do me. can't wait on some one to see something that's been right in front of them for the longest time. whatever!

 savannah figured out how to play with the counting crab i got her. i'm so excited! not because she learned how to count but because she played with something that i got her and she liked it! of course, at 5 months old, she just kept pressing the one she pressed first so it was "4" over and over again! but still! just to see her smiling and laughing because of something i did for that is the greatest feeling in the world. she's taking her nap right now and i'm fighting myself to stop from going in there and watching her sleep. man i love my baby girl! we are gonna have the best life ever! i'm making sure of it!

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