Things are going well with me this month, unlike last year when all mark and I did was fight fight and fight (I think this time of year I was actually thinking of leaving him...glad I stuck it out). Thought Mark's trouble causing sister and cute niece have come to live with us, it's actually been peaceful. She's been really good and the girls have a blast playing, giving both of them the sisterhood that they don't have currently.


I also heard from my brother and his wife in New York and they are pregnant!! She will be due around my birthday in october if all goes well (she has lupus which makes her high risk).  That will make two new babies this year in my family (my sister is due in july). It's exciting though I do not want any more children for myself. For once in a long while I'm feeling content and happy (though a little drowsy currently ;-)  ).


well I'm off to bed so I can get up for  work at the forsaken hour of 3:30 amc

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