i know my son is smart.  even the teacher has told us that Paden is the smartes kid she's ever seen in her 30 yrs of teaching.  so why is it that the ppl that conduct the "testing" for speech therapy all of a sudden think he's a lost cause?

first of the year, they told me he was ADD, then they told me that he was ADHD.  then they mentioned the possibility of him being autistic.  now they're telling me that he's been diagnosed with SDD (significant Developmental Delays) which i would have NO PROBLEM with BUT....

#1.  they aren't qualified to diagnose him with ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

#2.  some of the things that they told me that he is having problems with, he does them CORRECTLY on a daily basis.

#3.  they tried to make me look like a bad parent.  questioning abuse.  i would NEVER harm my child.  i cry as hard as he does when i have to pop him!  i can't even believe that accusation. 

#4.  apparently the teacher that told us how smart paden is, is telling them a completely opposing story to the one she's telling me and my husband.

i could go on all night and all day tomorrow! 

YES, my child DOES recognize numbers and letters, for christ's sake, he's 4 and can READ!!!  on a 1st grade level at that!  AND answer questions about what he read!

YES, my child knows his colors!

YES, my child can sort by shape, color, size, etc!

YES, my child understands up, down, in, out, top, bottom....and if you really wanna go there, he knows his left from his right.  hell, even i have issues with that from time to time!  but he knows it at the drop of a hat!

Yes, my child knows his name.  on top of that, he knows my name, his daddy's name, lil bro's name, ALL of his grandparents names!  he knows his phone number AND address and who his doctor is and what number she can be reached at!

YES, my child can walk!  although he prefers to run

YES, my child follows instructions!  sometimes....when he's not in one of those moods...lol!  but what child DOESN"T have a day when they just don't wanna listen?

YES, my child wakes at night on occasion. 

YES, my child comes and gets in the bed with me when he has a bad dream!  what kid isn't?

YES, my child eats 3 meals a day.  sometimes 4, sometimes only 2 if he sleeps really late.  but y'know, there are those days whn he's sick and he doesn't eat at all...were you meaning those?

YES, my child is having some potty training issues...thanks to his flippin school who won't take him to the bathroom when he says he has to go no matter how many times i pitch a fit about it.  and now that he's had 2 accidents because of them, he has to wear pullups the rest of the year!  but how can you blame him for that

YES, he has some speech therapy problems, but THAT'S IT!!!!!  go "diagnose" someone who really needs the help and just help me to teach my child to talk!

I am so sick of this crap and cannot WAIT to have him out of that school system. 

something else that just tickles me pink about it all is that this is going to be on his record for all the years of him being in school.  this will stay with him until he graduates.  how is that fair?  their screw up has to follow him around, now?  teachers in the future can just automatically peg him as a "bad kid" because they are idiots?  (i'm not saying all, but i have known a cpl personally who told me that this happens)

i'm not sure if i wanna puke or fight or what at this point.  we're supposed to have another meeting next week to "iron things out".  this meeting will include about 7 ppl other than myself and my hubby.  i have this sneaking suspicion that we're gonna get ganged up on.  i dunno if i need to bring reinforcements, or maybe even an attorney.  i have no clue what to do from here, any advise from ANYWHERE would be greatly appreciated!

sorry it was so long!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:06 PM geez seriously tell them to back off

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:12 PM

Be your child's advocate.  Do not go by a school administrator's opinion or diagnosis.  If you feel the need, seek professional testing for your son.  My oldest son is now 25.  When he was 5 years old, we moved from Philadelphia, PA to Las Vegas, NV.  We enrolled him in public school.  My son knew his alphabet and how to write his name.  The school gave him a test and told my husband and I that he had a problem.  I refused to believe it and asked to see the test.  They refused to show me the test.  The teacher told me she was in denial about her son at first too.  I wanted to scream.  My husband who was in the Air Force and was not home during the week talked me into allowing them to put our son in a "special" class.  The class was going to work on a letter a week.  For the first time, my son hated going to school.  I lasted two days with the class.  My son was miserable.  I went to the office and asked for whatever paper I had to sign to put him back in the regular classes.  My son did very well in the regular class and the teacher admitted at the end of the year that she was wrong. 

As a mother of three sons, I have found that it has been a constant battle with school systems.  No one wants to take time with boys.  In Philadelphia, some of the charter schools do not have recess.  Duh!  Boys cannot sit all day.  They need something to let off steam and energy.  Trust your instincts with your son and seek professional advice if need be.  They are not qualified to diagnose your son.

I'm sorry for this being so long.  Be encouraged. 


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