Today was a tough one.  My husband is on night shifts so it's just me all day.  All the kids were off the wall.  No one was happy, everyone seemed to need me constantly.  I don't know if I'll ever figure out how to be there for 3 people at once, but I try real hard.  I literally wanted to just lock myself in the bathroom for a break, but that was when someone needed something to drink or Andrew needed me to checkout his project on the computer for the thousandth time.  I think everyone has issues today, the girls are teething, Andrew needs me more than ever lately.  Adria is just learning to walk so she needs me to be there to help as much as possible.  Amaya wants to be right in the middle when Adria is trying to walk to me.  Andrew I think is just purely feeling jealous and left out.  I think I just needed a breather.

I also realized why this is all worth it tonight at bedtime.  We all got upstairs and had a few minutes of playtime.  I put the girls in their cribs and chose some books to read.  Andrew curled up in my lap and hung on my every word.  I pulled out the girls favorite book and watched their eyes light up.  It is amazing to watch your little people perk up because they enjoy something that only you can do for them.  Yes people I know everyone out there knows how to read, but I'm the only one there to read the bedtime story and see their excitement.  They make me feel so special sometimes.  The same reason they needed me all day is the same reason I fall in love with them all the time.  I took Andrew to bed and he settled in, our routine is I always tell him he is my favorite Andrew ever, to which he responds, "You're my favorite Mommy ever."  No matter how many times I hear it it melts me.

Tough days happen sometimes, but I love them through all that.  I guess that's why they call me Mom right?

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:42 PM Wow, I really almost cried. It's been a long day here too, and I am very over emotional tonight, and my eyes welled on that last part. It's so nice to have those special moments with your kids!

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Feb. 29, 2008 at 6:48 PM That's funny my son always says, your my favorite mommy.I always respond, your my favorite boy(he's my only boy). I miss when my girls were that little. Now they are 15 years old. I want my babies back, this teen stuff is driving me crazy!!

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