Hmm, i was avoiding going to this extreme yet, but i'm finding difficulty lining up a sitter for tuesday nights. My last sitter has been recently making plans on that night, so i can't count on her sitting for me anymore I guess.

The circumstance= On the second and fourth Tuesday of every month Brian & me go to a church homegroup meeting (young married couples who attend church services at calvary chapel)
We do dinner together, then study in depth whatever was discussed that week at church and then fellowship(hang out and mostly talk baby stuff since most women are pregnant and guys just talk video games or politics) for a half hour or so. We need to be to group by 6:45P and usually we're back to get nany by 9:45- 10P.

Nany is not  such trouble, she's well behaved and easy to care for. I will bring dinner for her but most times if dinner is being served around her she'll wanna eat that instead!

I used to do CO-Op babysitting with my previous sitter cause $$$ was (and is) tight for me and her, so if possible i'd like to continue doing that, but I will explore on pay methods but nothing extreme, Cause i know that compared to other children my kid is a well behaved little angel!

Here's my upcoming group schedule. Anyone interested leave some sort of msg or comment and we can get together and talk about this or something!
I would greatly apreciate it very very much!

Tuesdays, February 12 & 26.
Tuesdays, March 11 & 25
Tuesdays, April 8 & 22


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:14 PM AWe. I hope you find someone. It is such a bummer when you want some time to do something and can't get a sitter. My DH and I find ourselves in that predicament fairly often.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:47 PM

Can I make a suggestion? Is there a way everyone in the group needing childcare could pool their money together to hire a couple of teenagers to watch the children during this time.  Or maybe your church has a youth group that can do that as part of their ministry and the parents can just donate snacks.

I will keep you in my prayers though.  I think I'm too far away to babysit, or else I would.  :-)

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:29 PM

 I can help you out over the summer but right now Connors at public school so he has to wake up early! but if you ever get desperate let me know

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