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Ha! And I thought I was out of the woods...

Alice caught the croup from a daycare pal. She's got a runny nose, puked last night, bad cough, congestion...the whole nine yards. I am giving her small daily doses of baby Tylenol and baby Vick's VapoRub. We just got back from an adventure at the mall. where we purchased a humidifier. I hope my efforts help her to feel better sooner. We also gave her a bath at about 2:00 this afternoon...which is practically unheard of. I typically save bath-time for the evening hours, to help her wind down. But I figured the steam would loosen the mucus up and she had some fun in there, too. I really loathe her being ill, however there is one nice thing about it. Well, two I guess. She cuddles much more and takes multiple naps. Yeah, so..stayed home from work, needless to say. I felt bad because I had accidentally kept my aunt's license and PO box key, which she lended me to run errands with yesterday. So, it was like...hey, I'm calling into work AND I screwed up and still have your ID and key! I felt like a loser when I went to pick up my paycheck. I hope she isn't too upset with me, I definitely didn't plan for things to go that way.

I have a bunch of fun crap lined up for Monday. I have to call Medicaid for the THIRD time about covering Alice's last doctor visit. They keep saying they will, but I keep getting billed! And I have to call the St. Mary's indigent care assistance people to see whether I have to put Clint on the form I'm filling out. It's stupid, it says head of household, spouse and dependents (meaning children.) Since we aren't married, I don't see why or WHERE I should put his name down. I am sooooo flippin' frustrated with bills and expenses, I don't even want to think about them! Just LOOKING at that form stressed me out...and putting it down, then playing with Alice, made that all melt away. I wish I could just ignore it. But that definitely won't solve anything.

Mmmm...KFC. I had a bad craving for it at 10:00 am. I'd only had a bowl of cereal for breakfast and that was at, like, 6:00. So by the time I went and got my paycheck (10:30) and drove by to see if they were open yet, they actually were! People say all the time that they don't get to have nice things or treat themselves. Well, neither do I. I can't even remember the last article of clothing I bought for myself. So my way of spoiling 'me' is to give into culinary cravings. One meal a week's about all I can afford, but I always enjoy it.

I'm waiting for Clint to get home. Lovely man. He left a cute note on my Myspace page saying he loves me and will fix my Jeep. Aaaaaw. So today I put some gas back in his Blazer and washed it. I'm all proud of myself. Disappointing thing is-he won't see the cleanliness of his vehicle until tomorrow! It'll be dark by the time Pat drops him off. Oh well. The weekend's here! Yaaaaay. I am off to clean the house now. Ta-ta and hope all you wonderful Cafemoms (especially you, Angel) have a great weekend.

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 2:31 PM

Sorry to hear about Alice. At least you got some good cuddle time! Mmmm, KFC sounds awesome right now, lol. I haven't been able to eat yet today. Nothing sounds good.

As far as that form you are filling out, you don't have to put Clint on it. If it's anything tax or billing related, it's probably better that you don't anyway, so that you can claim yourself as head of household / sole provider. Then if Clint gets huffy about why you didn't put him on a form, you can always say, "Well, we aren't married! Hint hint!" LOL =)


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