Well I was so excited I got a job working 2  days a week 24 hour shifts so we could save money to catch up and put some away for savings plus I could still have the time to take care of my Mommie with cancer and still raise my 2 yr old daughter and take care of the house.  I work my first week this week and I come home today to learn my husband has lost his job of over 3 yrs.  Great news needing a few drinks...lol... Well so now I am trying to figure out whats next. The last year has been so Sh*ty!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I guess I will pick up an extra day and he will stay home with our daughter full time. I should be able to make enough to support us, but this is just a temporary position for 3 months. The money is good but losing his income after we just figured out a scheduale so we both could work is devestating..... He started play this song about being Mr. Mom... LOL .. He is a great dad and very capable but I hate having to take over all the finacial responsabilities.. and being away from home even more. I guess that Life and I THANK GOD!! I got a a job right before this happened...... On the bright side maybe he will keep the house even cleaner...LOL....  Liz

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