Well, we have been in VA for about 2 weeks now.  I have been living with my cousin and aunt in their townhome which I love.  I have been to the townhome we are renting several times and though I still don't like it and I get upset that a person can leave a house so dirty that they are renting to someone it is starting to grow on me a little bit.  The space is still way small and our large dining room table that I begged my husband for is not going to fit no matter what.  So I guess we will be buying a smaller table for the time being.  I miss TX so much.  I miss my mother and everytime I talk to her she seems so hurt that I am gone.  She stated that it broke her heart that I had to leave my new home of only two years, plus she is worried about the kids..mainly my oldest adjusting.  I am so happy to report that she went to school last Thursday and I almost cried, because she looked so scared.  The movers came so I couldn't pick her up and had to call the school and have her ride the bus which I was so nervous about.  She get off the bus with a little girl in the neighborhood just chatting it up.  She said her day was awsome and everyone was nice and she made lots of new friends, which she always does.  So that made everything else that is bothering me seem so small.  My husband and I are getting up early Saturday morning and going to clean and unpack so we can move our family in and start making it a home for everyone and get my kids back on some type of schedule.  My aunt is so in love with them that she is spoiling them to death...LOL.  I had a horrible experience with the movers, they were rude and even though my contract stated assembly disassembly they refused to put my beds together.  I finally got him to put them together, but he cursed and complained the whole time to the point where I had to threaten him, and he still refused to put the babies cribs together.  I have a call in to the corporate office and am waiting on a response.  Last Saturday I had to go to the ER because before the move my left knee has been giving out on me and on Saturday I looked at it and it was swollen so I went to ER got X-rays and they didn't see anything broken but thought my tendons and ligaments were messed up some how and gave me this huge brace to wear for five days which seemed to make it worse.  It still hurts and they suggest that if it doesn't get better I need an MRI and possibly surgery.  What else....oh we were supposed to get our income tax back like the week before the end of Jan or at the end and they tell us when we call to ask what happened that there were problems with their systems and it won't be until the end of February.... which means we had no way to pay the 3077.56 for the movers that came, but we borrowed money from everyone we knew to do that.  It also meant that we won't be able to pay our rent Feb 1st so I had to call an uncle that I hardly talk to to beg for money and he gave us what he had and we are still 400 short.  That was such such a blessing though.  Also, my husband found out that he doesn't get paid until February 14 so we are so broke.  Thank God for my aunt and cousin, or we would be back to not having food and pampers again.  I need and want a job so bad, but nothing is coming of my search which never happened in TX when I was actively looking in TX it may take no more than 2 weeks before the calls started coming in.  I hope I find something soon.  The guys that are renting our house are so happy to have it and they seem like they will be good tenants, so I pray that continues to work out.  Madison's eczema has been soooooo bad that her legs, arms and even hands have been bleeding.  She and my oldest went to ER for it when we first got here.  Madi's was so bad that they gave her steriods and she had antiboitics for an ear infection.  She is doing a little better, but I find if I don't give her an Aveeno oatmeal bath at least every other day she breaks out again.  That stuff is expensive for only 5 little packets so I am going to find another solution.  I miss my aunt who died unexpectedly the day before I came to VA.  I hate the my circumstances prevented me from seeing her before she left this earth and I worry and feel so sad for the 2 children (who are adults) that she left behind.  Well, I think that's all.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:13 PM wow what an update. Well Things will work out. all the drama is adding up towards your blessing

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Feb. 21, 2008 at 9:46 AM Hey girl!  That is quite an update....sorry I'm a little late at responding / reading.  I hope things are looking up and getting better.  Any news on the job situation yet?  What type of work do you do / are you looking for?

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Mar. 11, 2008 at 4:05 PM Wow...  That is ALOT to be going through...  I know it took me awhile to respond to this blog (sorry!) but I truly hope things are better for you now.  And if they aren't???  They will be!  Just remember that you have to go through the bad to get to the good!  Keep your head, hopes & everything else up and think positive! 

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