I've been seeing a guy casually since my ex left me in December.  This guy,  I'll call him S., and I have known each other for about 10 years.  Not like he's just someone I picked up online or anything.  I really like him,  always have, and I think he likes me.

He is the one that makes contact and asks to do stuff on the weekends.  We always have a great time together and I end up spending the night at his place.  (My DD is at her grandparents.)

S. has made a few comments that, too me,  sound like he wants to be more than the "friends" that we currently are.  I don't know that I am ready to be thinking about who's lease is up first or anything like that.  But I would like to be his steady girlfriend.  (Do people even call it that anymore?)  I would like to see him more than once a week or once every other week.  He is in the military, so is gone sometimes, and I am fine with that.  I am from a military family,  so that is not an issue.

I've had a couple of friends comment on things to me.  One is the age difference,  he's 10 years older than me.  We are both Way over 21,  so I don't see that as a big deal.  I guess from the outside it must look different.  The other thing is introducing him to my DD.  She doesn't remember him,  as she was a toddler when she met him.  I don't think it's time yet,  and he seems to think it's fine.  (He has no kids of his own.)  I hate to sound like a bitch,  but I don't want her emotionally involved with him yet.  Is that wrong of me?

I can see myself with S. for the long term.  I think he is on the same track,  but I don't want to be moving too fast.  I know there are no hard and fast rules on this subject,  but how fast is too fast.  Do I just go with my gut?  I don't want to scare him off either,  if I am reading his signs wrong.  

Wow,  this is more complicated than I remember!  I miss him when I'm not with him, and I think about him all the time.  He's not just a re-bound guy....that would really suck.  My relationship was over before it was over...I just didn't catch on to that.  S. understands that I am newly single, and doesn't want to push to hard either.  But maybe a little faster?

How fast is too fast?



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