Well, after Robbie has been home and living in the home we live in right now, we decided to see how much our landlord would be willing to sell the home for.  He had said almost 2yrs ago when we moved in that he would apply our rent payments we had made when we decided to try....so we talk to his representative who then talked to him...and he actually RAISED the price on us!!!  Grrrr....

Back when we moved in, the home was appraised for 79,900 and now he wants 90,000 for it!!!  This house is sitting on about .10 of an acre which isnt ANYTHING....and its only a 2bd, 1bth home and is only 920sq ft.  Now, there's a home to the left of us thats 3bd, 2bth with over 1000sq ft for only 119,000....so, where does this make sense??? 

And so the hunt begins AND battle begins....

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