Ok so for the last year ive been a hairstylist at a shop in my home town. The reason i decided to work there was so i could make my own schedule and take a child to work if i wanted to. Well that didn't work out like i thought i would, my coworker smokes has a bird that constantly flew around. Mainly it became very unsanitary. So after several weeks of discussion with my hubby we decided that me staying at home would be the best for our family. So i cleaned up my station and told her my reasons, i figured she would go irrate and be very mad because another women had recently quite too leaving her the only one left. But it was easier talking to than i thought, all she said was that there wasn't anything she could do to change my mind, I feel bad but i have done what is best for my family and i am very excited to now call myself a SAHM. So here i go on this new exciting journey!

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