Below is a letter that has been emailed to me about a new school that is opening up.  I encourage anyone near the Indianapolis area who have had trouble with their local school system to check it out.
Dear Friends,
We are excited to announce the opening of our new school, The Independence Academy of Indiana, Inc., to open this fall, 2008.  Independence Academy (IA) was born out of a need for more schools to serve our growing population of students with autism.  Specifically, IA is designed to meet the needs of middle through high-school students with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders and other learning differences.
We offer a variety of services that distinguish us from area public schools: a small student-teacher ratio; an updated and appropriate curriculum; daily life and social skills training; and dedicated and trained teachers.  Our high-school students will have the opportunity to earn diplomas from an accredited correspondence school and will receive assistance with job and college selection.
Independence Academy values tracking student progress and providing regular reports on that progress by using competency based assessments and other evaluations.  Additionally, IA recognizes that educating our unique students requires a team effort between parents and teachers.  We offer regular communication and formal conferences, as well as parent and teacher workshops to develop a partnership that utilizes the gifts of parents and teachers alike. We welcome parent participation and volunteerism in a variety of areas that contribute to the success of our students.
Our long-term goal is to work toward becoming fully accredited and developing a program that incorporates the most effective practices in secondary-level special education.  Our additional long-term goal is to partner with employers and colleges in Indiana to facilitate students' transition to higher education and the job market.
Because IA is a brand-new school, we are not yet able to offer scholarships.  However, we anticipate being able to offer financial assistance in the coming years through the help of charitable donors and growth we fully expect to occur.  Please help us spread the word: tell your friends and colleagues about us.  There are many families throughout Indianapolis who may be looking for an alternative to their child's current public educational setting. 
We will be at the Indiana Autism Expo on March 15. For those of you who have friends interested in attending our upcoming school presentation and meeting, we will be at Church At The Crossing this coming Tuesday, February 5, from 7 - 9 p.m.  Church At The Crossing is at 9111 Haverstick Rd. (Haverstick intersects 86 th St. just one light west of Keystone Ave. The church is north of 86 th on the right side of Haverstick.) As you spread the word, please tell interested families that we would appreciate RSVP's so that we can plan accordingly.
Ruth Padgett,                               Susan Le Vay,
Administrator                                Director

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May. 2, 2008 at 9:26 PM This is a very interesting article.  Even though my son is only 8 1/2 right now it may be something we look into when he gets older.  Thanks for the info!

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