What a wimp! Or a semi-wimp. Day 5 of the South Beach Diet & I threw in the towel. I felt like utter & complete hell earlier 2day, every time I bent down, or sat down & got up I was dizzy. I was soooo hungry & just feeling really disgusting. So yes, I gave in & had some carbs – rice. But my body was telling me something was wrong. So I’m gonna change the SBD a lil – basically I’m jumping into Stage 2 & gonna start working out. This was my first diet & now I understand why ppl stop sometimes, when your body just starts failing on you a bit you can’t help but wanna try to fix it with some food. Does that make sense?!?! Bottom line, diets are not made for me – what I need is to get back into working out (which I used to do all the time) & eat healthier. I’ve been allowing my DF’s likes & dislikes dictate what I make at home – but no longer. I’ve said that I will get rid of those xtra 15 lbs & I know I will just not w/ Stage 1 of the SBD.

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