I've concluded after my last ultra sound that the baby must be a boy.  I was all excited.  We have three kiddo's at home, and all bet a scoop of ice cream that they were going to have a baby brother.  Well  Erich and I get to the doctor, and we are called in.  Wonderful feelings of seeing my baby on the screen.  Erich holds my hand through the whole thing.  I steal a look at him, and he is smiling ear to ear.  The tech comes to the part of determining sex, and she pauses.  Then she tells us.."well..  baby is in the breech position, with his or her little legs folded right under neath..  I can't tell if it is a boy or a girl..."  I was disappointed.  Either way I will love the baby, I just really think we are having a boy, and this confirms it.  lol  I look at Erich and say "this has to be a boy..  noncooperative..  has to be a boy.."  Erich laughs.. 

Now the kiddos come home from school.. all wanting to know if they are having a brother.  They are all disappointed by the fact that we don't know yet..  but it melted quickly when we gave them all their own picture of their sibling to be. 

Ok..  so we don't know..  but it doesn't matter..  baby will be born in to a big family that is already in love with him or her.

Good day..  very good day.


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