I don't know if I titled this right or not but.....I HAD A MOUSE IN MY APARTMENT!!!!!!!!!!!  It showed it's ugly face tonight and I about jumped out of my skin!  the maintainence people laid traps down in the wrong spot.  Well I turned to look in the kitchen and saw it creeping to the livingroom and I FREAKED OUT!  Crying hysterically, put the baby in the bassinet and tristan on the couch and I called anyone and everyone I could think of.  My hubby is at work so he couldn't do anything.  Well I called my mother hysterically and she came over and helped me bring the kids over to her house(just a few doors down)  On the way over I asked my neighbors bf to come help move the trap.  The mouse was in my closet, and he put the trap just right and CAUGHT IT!!!!!!  It was one of those glue traps....i feel bad for killing it but gees.....gives me the goose pimples.  I got my neighbors bf to come back over and take it out of the apartment and we have since come back and I put the boys to bed....lmao  Man oh man....my neighbors are still laughing at me lmao

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