So we went in at 1pm and Dr. Stripling did a strep test to see if the fever was being caused by strep. It came back negative so we had to go down and get chest x-rays. He said at first glance it looked okay but when he looked closer the left lung was hazy at the bottom, which indicated pneumonia. So Luke got a shot of antibiotic to get him a boost and he is going to be on an antibiotic all weekend, they are going to call us on Monday, if he is still running fever and isn't doing a whole lot better than he will have to do two or three days of IV antibiotics.

He acts okay, his voice is hoarse but he isn't coughing too much. He has played some today. We got out of the doctor's office at about 3:30 and we all came home and took a long nap. Keith was able to get off work this afternoon to go with me which I am so thankful for because Paisley was being a stinker because it was nap time. Keep us in your prayers, Dr. Stripling said his main concern is the type of pneumonia, certain kinds will respond to an oral antibiotic better than others, he said that if it is a staph type pneumonia that we will most likely have to do the IV antibiotics. We are just praying that it is not staph and that Luke will respond to the antibiotics and will be much improved by Monday.

 I will let you all know what happens. I guess we will not be at playgroup next week until we figure out how Luke is doing. Thanks for all of your concern, if we need anything I will let you know. Right now I just need a full night's sleep! 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:00 PM

you guys will be in our prayers! i am so sorry! thanks for lettin us know, been waiting to hear from you since 12:45 today!

i hope ur little man gets to feelin better really soon! 

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