My son is 8 and he is so honest. I love him so much. We were  told he is ADD and none of the meds work at all. So he has been off of those for a while now. Every since he started school he wonders off into space and can not stay paying attention. He forgets things all the time and it is not him just forgetting he really is. I can tell he is my child. I do not know if anyone else has gone through this. I am going to take him to the doc next week and talk to them cause I really want to know why and what is going on. My husband gets mad sometimes thinking he is lieing that he is not forgetting, I will admit  it is frustrating but I know he is not lieing. He just forgets. I feel for him cause I know it has to be hard on him. With school and other things.

So let me know what you think or if you have been through this. Thanks

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 11:17 AM My daughter was diagnosed ADHD in the 1st grade. I did the ritalin for a year BUT she wasn't "MY DAUGHTER" on that drug so I took her off. I would rather have HER than a ZOMBIE just existing. Now she is 11 yrs old and in the 6th grade in Middle School. To help calm her we let her drink coffee, anything with caffeine. I know that sounds awful, every one says caffeine is not good for her. Well, not true! With her the caffeine has the opposite effect, it CALMS HER and helps her so she can FOCUS on things. My daughter will never be on another drug for ADHD. They also say that some kids grow out of it eventually. Sure she talks a lot, but you get used to it. She also forgets things because she has so much going on in her head but I just give her a gentle reminder on the things that she needs to do. I've found if her life is very structured it helps her to be successful. Believe me I battled with her school MANY times when I first took her off the ritalin. I was "the Mom from h**l" for awhile. But let me tell you it was ALL worth it. Be patient and stick to your guns, things WILL get better. It won't happen over night but I assure you that it will eventually. Give your son a ((((hug)))) for me and one for ((((you)))) and your ((((hubby)))) too. =0)

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 4:47 PM My 10 yo has ADD too...I did the coffee thing last school worked for about 2 months and then nothing....I think it is because he is not AD"H"D he is ADD.....just spaces out or daydreams....He is on the Daytrana patch now and I actually took him to the Dr.'s yesterday because the dosage needed to be upped....(he might be retained/held back) and like the other mom said stick to your guns! That is what I have to do now with his school because I don't think they are going by is IEP and that is why he is daydreaming so much....Good luck!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 1:12 AM

It sounds like what we went through with my son. He was misdiagnosed for several years as having ADHD, and it is truly seizures. Ask your son's Dr about the possibility if it being Petit Mal/Absence seizures. Symptoms can mimic ADD/ADHD. Good Luck!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 5:10 AM

ADD is such a funny thing. Both my brothers had it. One ADD and the other ADHD, and somehow I escaped. And they never took the same drugs.

But my husband is ADD, he taked Adderall, and it really works for him. He can tell a difference in the way he works when he doesn't take it. But it's so funny becuase it works for him BEST when he takes it during the work week adn then holds back on the weekend. I don't question it and his doctor has said it's fine.

He had me read this book though on ADD and as I read it the more of myself I saw in what  I read. My mother in law has actually told me repeadedly that she hinks I'm undaignosed, but yet if so I know my limits and can work around them.

For the forgetting I suggest post its, or, maybe something like a PDA. Or a nice little notepad where he can write things down. That's what I have to do. If I don't write things down I WILL not remember them. I have two calender's and I keep my apointments on both.

But maybe post it notes might help. That's how I surived college. I post-ited things. If a paper was due that post it would tell me what it was on, when it was due and so forth usually stuck to my computer. If there was a movie I wanted to watch on TV I had to post it it to the TV. I even had to post it my appointments to teh door. Just an idea... put lists or things where he'll see them. Another way to do this that may be less messy for an year old is a dry erase board in his bedroom near his desk if he has one. So he can write his homework and stuff.... And for homework an assigment book (although I was terrible in school and never could use one, I always wrote it on my arm). But agian, the writing is the important thing, or for me it was....

anywas I'm rambling and may not be making sense. If you want the title of that ADD book just message me and I'll have Ben dig it out or tell me the title. I don't know where he put it!

-- Amy

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Feb. 6, 2008 at 10:05 PM

Noah has ADHD.  He would bounce all over the place, forget things...he would even forget where things are in the house.  Like one day I asked him to go put the detergent by the washing machine.  He managed to get it downstairs and it took me all day to find it.  He sat it on top of my toilet!    He is all the time losing things and forgetting things.  His school worked suffered as well.  Last school year we started him on Focalin after figuring out several things that was going on with him. His asthma meds were causing major aggressiveness so we had to take him off his pulmicort & singulair (now he's back to using just albuterol as needed).  The aggressiveness totally went away after a few days. Before trying that the psych thought he to was bipolar like his brother Matthew.  He was even on Risperdal for that for a while and it wasn't helping till I did some research on line and found that plumicort can cause bad aggressiveness in kids!  Now he's on focalin and while it doesn't help 100% he's doing about 70% better than he was without it!  He's even reading on grade level now instead of a few years behind!


I woudl def. take him to the dr and see what's going on. Find a good pedi psychiatrist that can help. 

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