We've been doing great.  I'm still sitting at home doing absolutely nothing.  I've been trying to get some fabric together so I can make different things.  My mom is bringing my sewing machine to me when she comes for a visit in March.  Then I'll be able to make stuff a lot faster.  Yeah!  I can't wait for my mommy & daddy to come visit us.  I miss them so much, but I'm happy being out on my own.  Catie's doing great too.  She's starting to try to walk.  She's been taking a lot of steps on her own.  I imagine she'll be walking by the end of February.  I'm not going to push her to do it.  I'll let her walk when she feels like it.  Now, when she starts walking everywhere & not crawling anymore then she can walk on her own & I'm not gonna carry her anymore.  Granted, it will take us a little bit longer to get to places, but we'll deal.  Will is still on his TAD trip & hasn't came home for a visit yet.  He might come home for the 96 they get for President's day.  If not, Catie & I are going to go visit him when he moves from the barracks to a hotel in March.  Catie has been eating a lot more too.  I guess it was just a phase that she was going through that made her not want to eat, but now she eats alot.  She's getting so big it's ridiculous.  I'm doing a 20 minute workout every night.  I'm trying to lose the extra weight that I gained from Catie.  I've only been working out for about a week now, but I'm starting to feel better.  Now, I just need to get all the sweets out of the house & eat more fruits & veggies when I want a snack.  I've been drinking water like it's going out of style.  We don't really have much else going on.  I've been trying to sell the stuff we don't use anymore, but apparently nobody needs/wants anything I have.  I guess I'll just have to give it all to the Thrift Store.  It would be really nice to get rid of that stuff though.  We're keeping ourselves busy.  We've got a playdate every Wednesday, so that breaks up our week.  We're saving all the money we can right now, so we don't really go anywhere else unless it's absolutely necessary.  That's it.  Just staying home & relaxing.

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