I ended yesterdays with my brother Nicholas going off with my Aunt and Uncle to live. Yes, during the age of 6-12, living with my brother was not the most pleasant. I and the rest of the family (mostly my mom Carla) was threatened often with awful words, violence, and threats that we were going to be killed. Even though my brother was awful, I still had a great childhood. I used to play every day with my friends, attended Girl Scouts, and often had sleep overs.

Now, let us fast-forward to 1990 when, during a physical for high school, my whole life was turned upside down. I remember going to the doctors office with my dad that night for a school physical. The doctor walked in and proceeded to do his exam. He then stepped out to talk with my dad and then returned, what seemed like, an hour later. I was told that I was anemic and that he needed to admit me to the hospital right away to do further testing. My dad drove me straight to the hospital that night, got me checked in, and called my mom. That next day I went through all sorts of tests. Late that afternoon I was told that my kidneys are shutting down and that I needed a Kidney Transplant to save me. I knew then how strong a person I really was. I think my parents were more scared then I was. I knew there was no sense in worrying about something I could not control. I just told myself that I would get my Transplant and everything was going to be OK. I guess the innocents of me being 13 was to my advantage at that time. I ended up doing peritoneal dialysis for 7 months and then received my father's kidney in December of 1990. I have not had any problems with my kidney since.

High School was fun but I couldn't wait to graduate and start "my life". During my high school years I worked at Kmart (a retail store) and worked in every department they had: Sporting Goods, Toys, Automotive/ Hardware, and was Department Manager of Ladies Fashions and Health and Beauty at one point. This is where I met your father. Well, at the time I had no idea that he was working at Kmart. During my high school days I was shy and pretty much talked to only my friends and didn't really talk to other employees. Your father had actually asked my friend, that also worked at Kmart, if she wanted to come to a party he was having at his apartment. Your father was going to Automotive School (UTI) at the time and worked at Kmart part-time. So, my friend from Kmart invited me to tag along with her. Your father and I hit it off right away and have been inseparable ever since.

 Speaking of your father, let me tell you a little about his childhood (at least the parts he had shared with me). Your father was born Shane Lee Post, to Ronald Lee Post and Paula Gene Post (Vanier) in Nashua, New Hampshire. He was such a cute baby and I was told was quite the handful. It seems your father loved to be naked as a baby and didn't like to keep his clothes on. He used to run around all the time with nothing by his birthday suit. Your father also didn't like to stand still and was often seen running down the street to try to get to the local firehouse where his dad worked. His mother used to watch other kids during the day for extra cash and had to often tie your father to a tree from the waist to make sure that he didn't go to far. (Hey, it was the 70's they didn't have the resources that we have now).

Your fathers parents divorced when he was young. His mother took off and didn't come back into his life until he was 16. During that time his father and Grandparents raised him and his brother (Jason). His brother, like mine, was pretty much out of control and used to do drugs and drank very often during his teen years. He was so bad in high school that it took him 6 years to graduate. During your Uncle Jason's late high school years he met his now wife and she turned his life around. Even though your father saw his brother doing drugs, drank, and all was accessible to him, he never wanted walked in his brothers foot steps.

Well, I think I'm going to end today's entry. I hope were every you are tonight you know that your father and I love you very much and am counting the moments until we are united forever.

~Love from your mom~

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