OH MY GOSH, I AM SOOO EXCITED I SCHEDULED MY 4-D ULTRASOUND, IM GETTIN THE HUGE PACKAGE SO I GET LIKE A MILLION PICS AND A LONG DVD ( i'll turn off caps now, but I'm still excited ) I am going on Feb 9th, and I cant wait, I feel like this week is going to go by soooo slow!! The place I am going has a 100" screen to view is and a huge room so I can bring alot of people, IM SOOO HAPPY!!! I get to see my baby girls features and ahhhh... so stoked!!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:42 PM i had 4d when i went last week for my ultrasound...and it was so exciting!! they did the regular one for me, and also the 4d, but the 4d didnt turn out that great, but you could still see some of her features!   its awesome...you will love it!! have fun!! yay

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