well here i am at eighteen weeks and huge. the dr. said he could not find another heartbeat or see another baby on my initial ultrasound but he was wondering why i was soooo sick and i mean all day 24/7 and still am. not to mention weak as all get out. it is something neither one of us is used to becuase with my first two kids i didn't do this. makes me wonder how long you can go not detecting the other twin if it is twins and you don't know it.

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Mar. 5, 2008 at 9:51 AM Hi, I wish I had some good advice for you.  With my first child, the pregnancy was perfect.  The only thing is that I had to take iron pills towards the end b/c of my iron level.  With this pregnancy-I was sick/throwing up 24/7 for 5 months straight.  I have never been that sick before in my life.  So, Good luck to you and it will get better.

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