Ok so here is the scoop... my son is a Sgt in the army and so is a very good friend of his. Anyway the friend is having a hard time passing the running part of PT... needs to shave at least 30 seconds off the run time.  The Ssgt decided that my son was to be assigned his friend as his soldier their for they are both required to do PT when they get out of work....being from 11-12pm per the Ssgt orders. Keep in mind that my son and his soldier friend also do PT from 9-10am before work.

Please pray that the Ssgt will person of good moral standing, and that he will experience Salvation. As for my son and his soldier please pray they shave the 30 seconds off the run time so they can stop having to do PT so late at night. My son also has a new bride at home... who is now 10 hrs from home and had never been away from home. She could use some encouragement as well. She is getting homesick and it does not help that he has to be at the base for 16 hrs a day.

Thank you for your prayer support.


God bless you all


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