Today I had my appointment with the doctor.. It's hard to believe that I am 25 weeks already! Only 15 more to go and I get to meet our little girl! Yay!

Today's visit was a normal checkup.. I weighed in at 130 pounds.. Whoa.. lol. That means I have gained almost ten pounds since my last visit five weeks ago! That's just crazy.. My blood pressure was good, though - 107/70.. And the baby's heartbeat was 150 bpm. She didn't like us listening in on her - she kicked me while we were listening to the heartbeat!

My doctor sent me home with a bottle of that gross orange stuff to drink before my next appointment in three weeks.. I have to drink it 45 minutes before my appointment and then they'll check my blood when I get to the office.. Ick. The only good news is that the doctor said that I can dilute it with water to help get it down.. I can have as much water as I want, but once I drink that stuff, I can't eat anything with calories.. So water it is! lol.

My next appointment is in three weeks, on February 21st, when I will be 28 weeks.. And from there on out, my doctor said he is going to want to see me every two weeks.. That's good, though, since this is my first baby and I'm not really sure what to expect.. I'm sure once I start approaching 30 weeks, I am going to have lots of questions for him!

I can't believe that we are getting close to our daughter being here.. I know 15 weeks is still awhile away, but we're over halfway there already! I can't wait!! There's so much to do before she comes, though..

So far, things are looking good with the house situation.. We had our inspection done Thursday afternoon.. A few things that need to be fixed in order for us to close, so hopefully the seller will realize that and get it taken care of. For some reason he has a 200 amp breaker, but the wires connecting the breaker to the rest of the house is only a 100 amp wire.. Which is definitely not good... And the mechanism in the toilet that controls the float isn't working correctly.. So that needs to be fixed.. Can't have a pregnant woman moving into a house where the toilet doesn't work!! lol.

This weekend is my birthday, so Steven and I are going to my parents' house to celebrate.. Ironically my birthday falls on the Super Bowl this year, so we are going to hang out at mom and dad's and watch the big game.. I look forward to spending time with my family - living three hours away from them stinks! Saturday night I think we are going to try to get together with some of my friends for dinner at Chili's and maybe a night out at the casino.. Should be a lot of fun.. Yay for turning 25!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:45 PM

Well Happy Birthday on Sunday and Congratulations on the baby girl!!!! Yay..I remember the feeling when I was as close as you are...its wonderful, yet a little terrifying.  Let me know if you have any weird questions that you don't want to ask your doctor.  I'm usually here.


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 6:12 PM

wel I am glad everything is going well with the house hope your landlord gets on the few things that need fixed so that you can soon move in. happy early birthday I hope you have fun. and yes we are both getting so close to haven our babygirls YEA.

well talk to you later

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