So i just got blamed for my hubby blowing off his best friend of 10 years and his wife! Ever since me and my hubby got married, he has blown them off. He keeps saying that i want him home with us (i do but he can totally go out and hang out with them just let me know). Every time he has a weekend, he blames me for him not going out. And i had no idea he was doing this. So he lost his best friend, but doesnt know it yet, and im blamed for it.


And it wasnt his friend telling me this, it was his wife. So I dont know yet if its true, or if they are having a fight that we dont know about yet (they do that some times). what i dont get is my hubby will go out with his friends that he works with, but wont hang out with this guy. And this guy just got a HUGE promotion for him and his family, and is moving out of town soon (2 hours away). So i dont get why my hubby wouldnt want to hang out with him for a bit. this is the only friend that my hubby has done this too. Eveyone else still comes over to our house to hang out, or he will go out to the bar with them, or over to their house. I have asked him a few times to stay home, but thats cuz he will go out every night if i dont let him know that i need adult interaction too. 


Basically this woman (who is a friend of mine, i love her to death) just told me that because i married my hubby he wont hang out with his old friends anymore. Which i dont get. Because i have never been one to control my man, and i havent changed that at all, i never will. Hes his own person, and should be that way. Wait, i take that back, i told him to not hang out with one person.. but she was trying to get down his pants every time she saw him, so i had a right to. 


OK, that was my rant about what just happend to me. And i totaly feel like crap, cuz they were like brothers, and they are blaming me for this break up. 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:51 PM Hmmmmm.......sounds to me like something happened between the two hubbies that they don't want the wives to know, so they are playing this card.....I wouldn't worry about it too much......feel better.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:55 PM When peeps get older they just sometimes grow apart its natural. Grow in different ways and become different people than we once were. Bonds that once held a frienship together change. As long as time moves on so will we. It human nature. Friends will come & go in our lives for all different reasons. Be happy don't be hard on yourself =D

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