Hi everyone,

  As some of you may already know I'm  Mary Kay consultant (please keep reading--lol).  I was hoping you would like to help me out in a contest:  My director has given our group a challenge to get at 30 facials and 10 interviews in the month of February.   During the facials you get to try out awesome skin care line and some the make up product, and the interview is just me sharing information with you about the Mary Kay business opportunity.  Now, I'd like to make one thing clear:  THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE OR SIGN UP if you don't want to.  It's not for everyone and I'm not in the business of pressuring folks :-)  It's really all in good fun, and to help me out becuase I like to be a winner :-) 

     As a bonus for helping me out I'd like to offer you ladies $10 off anything you order from me (if it's under 10 then its free!), also if you make an appointment with me and choose to invite friends there are additional bonuses.  

  So, if anyone is interested in helping me out, or you just want some fun girl time and free products send me a message.  Thanks :-) 


 Come Shop with Me :-)

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