tonight i called my mom to ask if she would watch danny tomorrow evening for a few hours.  she said yes, was real big deal, ya know. 

THEN she asked me what i was doing and i said, "oh, Bill Clinton is in town tomorrow night, and i'm gonna go see him speak". 

so under her breath, she says, "i shouldn't have asked".  not sarcastically, like, "oh, i figured you'd probably want to see him"....but hatefully like i was going to visit the devil or something.

now I'm an Obama supporter, but if he doesn't get the democratic nomination then i'm behind Hillary 100%!  so it just makes sense to go see Bill, plus i think he was a great president and I respect him.

i just plain don't get why she has to be so hateful???  if she were going to see W speak at some event, i wouldn't say a word.  i don't agree with her beliefs, but it's not my place to say anything about i don't.  

i'm so friggin tired of her acting like i'm some kind of a delinquent just because i have opinions that differ from hers.  just because i am capable of independent thought and don't believe everything she ever told me....i'm somehow a bad person who makes bad choices.  or in her words, she failed as a mother because of the way i currently believe about religion and politics, and whatever else i'm doing that she disagrees with....  

if it weren't for danny, i think sometimes i wouldn't even have anything to do with her.  

i don't deserve to be talked to that way, and i don't deserve to feel like crap after i spend time with her.

i'm sooo incredibly pissed off! 


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:05 PM awww! sweetie  dont let no one get u down or make u feel bad that u are your own person. u are a good person, mommy , wife and daughter. i can tell by wrote in that post! so just keep being u and dont feed into negativity because sometimes thats just what someone might want. reminds me of that saying different strokes for different folks!         

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