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My job is done if you go eww, OMG or LOL

tomorrow is my mother's 47th birthday. I swear she doesn't seem that old. the last I remember she was 36. she is just too active to be heading towards 50. she hikes and bowls. she plays tag and play wrestles with my 6'7 younger brother as though he were a small dog and thumps the bass of obscenely loud rap music while she drives her cobalt least ten miles over the speed limit on the highway, passing cars like they are nothing.she is a computer whiz and completely up to date (some times more than I) on everything.

and she certainly doesn't have the sterotypical grandmother thing going on. she doesn't backe cookies or knit. or sit around in a rocker and pet cats. I meen she still wants to learn how to fly a plane and play with giant back hoes. boy is she always out doing something too, like rallying for gay rights or hanging out with her friend having pot luck dinners. gosh she is such an insperational woman. I want to be able to have that kind of spunk as I get older.

I love you Mum, Happy Birthday. 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:30 PM oh and I think my mom will see her shadow

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