I understand that we are all different and as mothers our job is to do what is right for OUR family. I want to teach my daughter that there is not always a right what to do something and I feel parenting is one of those things. Well here is what works for me.... right or wrong, whether you agree or not...



exclusively breastfeed, have since day 1

will breastfeed until she weens her self (I am hoping until 2)


do not CIO

immunize against anything the doctor says too

pierced my daughters ears at 2 months

take my child with me too work

am with my child 24/7 (I have been out 2 times in the 6 months since her birth)

am a military wife and DAMN PROUD MY HUSBAND IS SERVING!

am surviving a deployment

am being the BEST MOM I CAN BE!!!

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