Avery had a speech evaluation this week by 1st Steps (Missouri's early intervention program). He was referred by Parents As Teachers. We, too, had been worried about his speech...or lack thereof. Anyway, in order to receive services from 1st Steps, a child has to be 50% or more delayed in an area. He will also be having a behavioral evaluation as soon as we rescheduled it...had to cancel last night due to snow.

Anyway, Avery qualified for services. There were 3 areas to the speech evaluation. He scored at an 11-month old level on 2 of the 3 and at 10 months on the 3rd level. He's 20 months old...so he has a 50% delay.

I am sad and glad at the same time. Sad that he actually is delayed enough to qualify but glad they can help him catch up.

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