Let me start out by saying i all ready knew that there was something different  about my son but i thought it was just a learning disability. then all of a sudden at one of the parent teacher meeting's they told me Michael might have ADD or ADHD that was very hard pill to swallow because before all of this happened i asked his teacher many time's if she seen any sigh's of any of these disorders and time after time she has told me no and this is his second year with her.They told me at the meeting that he might need medication and that if i don't medicate him that he will be in special ED for awhile and i'm at a loss for word's i don't know what to do i don't want to medicate him but i don't want to keep him in special ed if he does'nt need to be in it, and i've read allot of bad side effect's for medcaition ADD and ADHD well to me there really bad.if there is anyone out there that can give me a Lil more information I'll take all the help i can get, i want to help my son in anyway i can. oh and no he has not been diagnose with ADD or ADHD yet i have to want for his  test resault's come back in late February. Thank you to all took the time to read this!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:33 PM

My son was diagnosed with ADD and ADHD as well. His problem is his teacher thought he was just a stubborn brat. He also had a hearing problem and she thought he was just ignoring her. I don't give him medication at all. He is homeschooled and does much better. Since I started homeschooling him his attitute and self esteem has shot back up but not quite the same as before he started school.

There are many, many support groups, probably even one here. I would join the group and also find some alternatives for your son. Also, you might join a group in your area. They can help alleviate your worries too.

I have a niece that used medication on her son and he would go from an overactive child to a child that was doped up. It's different for everyone and their are pros and cons for both. It's entirely up to the individual parent. I just chose not to use medication.  

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