Things have been good here just been hanging out with the kids just wanted to update on a few things......

Desi's confrences went great the teacher said how well she is doing and she made 17 improvements on her report card! Wooooohooo!

Baby Del well his finger dried up and is peeling off gradually and it looks soooo much better!

Drew has been staying dry all day even at nap time so the other night I thought I had a great idea to put the potty in his room! Well he had a completly dry night but now Im scared to do it again because last night he called me in there 4 times before I put a darn diaper in there so I could dump his potty! So Im scared I'll never sleep again!

Pats been working long days and is super tired when he comes home but its been nice seeing him everynight!

I saw the pictures of the hotel Im staying at in Mexico and it is soooooo cool! 16 days!!!!! Yay!!!

Ive been going to chat in MOMS CHAT ZONE lately in the morning because thats the only time I really get a break. Got lucky today and me and the boys took 2 naps!!!!! But the house is a mess:(  No big plans for the weekend I guess just hanging out with the kiddos! Hope everyone has a good weekend XXXOOO

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:14 PM That is great!! I thought about putting my son's potty in his room, but then we ended up changing him to the regular potty! Glad to hear Del's finger is clearing up! TTYL!

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Feb. 10, 2008 at 2:40 AM wait what happened to his finger?

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