Today my youngest daughter turned three and we took her to 'Bears Gone Wild' for a little party with her and her sisters.  My husband took off from work and his parents came.  It went really well even though the girls just stood around amazed at how many animals they had options to stuff.  The place is kind of like Build a Bear.  They kept changing their minds but finally settled on the animals they wanted and then they got to stuff, name, weigh and dress their bears.  It was so cute and they had a nice time and then we went to our favorite restaraunt, The Venice Tavern for lunch. 

My oldest daughter has williams syndrome and she was invited to a tropical american girl doll party tonight at one of her normal friend's house.  She did fine and I can not tell you how good it felt when I dropped her off and all the little girls came running to the door, excited that she was there.  It has always been a concern if she will fit in or not.  She has been diagnosed with so many different things, including MR that we wondered if  normal children would accept her as a peer that they could befriend.  It appears that on some level they really like her and it makes me so happy!  I could not believe that earlier in the day another mom had called to ask if she could come over and play with her son (who is normal) .  She is so thrilled with everyone being interested in playing with her.  Every now and then, just for a few moments, I can see what it would feel like if she didn't have special needs- that is how it felt tonight with I dropped her off at the party and the girls' positive reaction to her.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:31 AM This is awesome!! I'm so happy for her and relieved for you. I'm sure its a very scary and unsure feeling when it comes to situation likes this. This post brought tears to my eyes. Not b/c I'm pregnant but because I have a special place in my heart for kids with special needs and I love to hear stories of them fitting in with the "typical" crowd. Way to Kayley and happy birthday to Ms. McKenna!!!

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