Well, ive been with my DH for a long time....fourteen and a half yrs, and we have our ups/downs, but working together we still love each other and try and work thru our problems.   We have mutual friends and people we work with and i see how their marriages and relationships are and most of the women are really nasty to their men or demanding, high maintenance and just plain bitches.  I, on the other hand, dont believe in holding my man down nor giving him a 'set of rules'--i feel that if he respects me and i do the same in return we make out for a great relationship and a more lasting one at that.  SO, when i see these women in action and see how much their DHs work their asses off for them to come home to nag nag nag nag (which all they do is complain to me as well on stupid stuff that has no relevance of them even having reason to being mad with their DHs) i keep thinking how my man has it lucky and he should be THANKFUL to me for not being like that!  LOL--hes a good hubby, brings me flowers to work--gives me gifts and trinkets and gets up with the kids on saturdays so i could sleep in....all those little things mean a LOT to me and to others its just something they say their DHs do to save their asses from the previous nights arguments.  Plus these women think that im 'too nice' b/c i make DH dinner and make his plate along with our kids and take it to him, and that i  do his laundry and iron his shirts for him when he should be doing it himself or taking them to the dry cleaners and tbings like that WHICH some of these women dont even lift a finger and make their DHs cook/clean AND laundry--maybe im old fashioned, but i like doing those things for my man.   He works hard all day and risks his life [hes a wildland firefighter] so the things i do i do for him and he does it in return for me....so i just wanted to write this post for him b/c he is my soul mate and im glad when he gave me his phone number all those yrs ago that i did indeed call him back which btw he didnt think i ever would! 

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 11:55 AM

Well said....that's what love is -ups and downs but we love em even when they get on our nerves. It's the little things, the day to day love that is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

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Feb. 6, 2008 at 4:34 PM

Very well said!!  Maybe if each of us showed love in the little ways a little better we'd all be a little happier and marriages would last longer. I wouldn't want to live with him if he was always b**ing all the time!

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