Well, it was a productive evening.  Finallt finished the tear bear,  I did not have any chalk so i used some of my powder make up, it looks cute.  Will post a pic next week.  Then I made some serendipity squares, very cool.  Made a page for my BOM, just getting going on that one.  Did the tea bag thingie, it was fun.  An lastly, I made a page with the grand-kids because I recid some new pics back today.  Evan is potty training so we had to do that page.  I will post some pics tomorrow of the things I completed last week.  Favorite thing today, the tear bear.  Not sure what I'll do with her yet, maybe in my book or Princess Jayla's.  Headin to the P.O. tomorrow.  I have an idea for a swap in our group, who can i approach with it.  I can PM you because I am not sure how to do it yet.  Sleep well everyone, I'll be up early and should be feeling great.

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