The public health nurses here in my town really piss me off. Well, not both of them , just one...Anita. I had to go into public health today and take another pegnancy test so that I could apply for "presumptive eligibility", which is basicaly medicaid for pregnant women. It is done through public health and not DFS, which I find strange since it ultimately goes to DFS anyway for final approval. Anyway, I went in with my urine sample first thing this morning, like they asked me to. My cousin came with me so that she could keep Benji occupied. Good thing too, because if she hadn't been there my hormones would have taken over and ripped that ladies arm off and beat her with it. So she comes out and says "this pregnancy test is negative." I said that doesn't make sense because I haven't gotten my period, am very sick to my stomach and I had a positive home pregnancy test. She shakes her head at me as if to say "you poor, stupid girl" walks over to my cousin and shows her the test...not bothering to even show me. Lois, my cousin, says "there's 2 lines there" to which that frigging idiot responds "well, it's very light, I'm not sure we can consider this a positive." The receptionist comes over to look at it and says "there's definitely 2 lines there" to which she resonds "I just don't know." She asked me if I had ever had a positive pregnancy test before this. Hello...dumbshit...I brought my son with me. Of course I've had a positive pregnancy test before. I told her "I am not new to this whole pregnancy test thing. I have had 3 positive home pregnancy tests (have taken dozens) before. The first one I had a miscarriage, the 2nd resulted in my adorable son and the 3rd was the one I took on Tuesday morning." I was really starting to get angry and about to just walk out of there, but my cousin was sitting next to me whisperng "breathe, breathe." The receptionist finally asked the nurse if maybe she should read what the booklet says about what is considered a positive. So she leaves the room and comes back about 5 minutes later and says "well, it is a weak positive." She finally gave me the paperwork to fill out and I am eligible for presumptive eligibility. Whew! That's a load off. She asked me if I wanted to apply for WIC and send it in and I told her I already get it for my son and that I had already talked to them this week and had my benefits changed to include me too. She also signed me up for a program called Best Beginnings. They weigh you and take your blood pressure every month and give you information on your pregnancy. After the baby is born, I wil get information on breastfeeding and meet with a lactation consultant. I also got a book called baby basics and a little book called the baby basics planner which helps me keep track of all my prenatal appointments. Oh yea, I also got a little tub of vitamin E cream as an incentive gift. So, even though nurse Anita isn't my favorite, she did redeem herself by giving me a gift. Tell me what woman does not like lotions and creams, especially those that are free! I am still not happy with these people. It astounds me that they went to school to do what they do. I am amazed they can even dress themselves in the morning. I don't know, maybe I am just hormonal.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:00 PM I know what you are talking about. We go in there, intelligent women, and they look at you look you are a dumbass. It's the same with the people at the Department of Human Services, where I live. You must automatically be STOOPID because you need medicaid for your kids. Half the time, I know what they are sposed to do before they do! Ugh, what can you do. It's probably the only place that will hire them.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:03 PM lol! I think you went easy on them. You'll have to read "my stupid effing obgyn" journal... about morons! I totally agree with you that sometimes, it really doesn't show that they went to school for all those years!     Hope you have a better experience next time. Oh...and congrats on the baby!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:24 AM

Omg, I cannot believe that she did that to you. How stupid can one person be..ohh, it's a weak postive..lmao..Hmm, okay.

I'm so happy for you though! Almost makes me want to have another one..Almost.

Talk to you soon.


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Feb. 6, 2008 at 3:41 PM

Good grief so according to this nurse your a kinda  a little bit pregnant.. Like you don't know what being pregnant feels like right...urgh   I'm sure she thinks everyone looking for a handout.

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