i copied this from one of my mommy friends here to help her gain more attention. Please Please vote this popular and PLEASE repost. Help get the word out and help change this law!!

here is the link to her page



A Question Of Care: Military Malpractice? GO TO www.cbs.com stories  ! then click on evening news . So so SAD...... and look at the pics of him . I just watched this on the news and when they where at his home for the interview he passed away . How sad ..... PLEASE READ THE WHOLE STORY . HEART WRENCHING ........ vote popular please


 before photo .

 after they mis diagnosed him .



Here is the link to the video please watch........






LAST NIGHT I POSTED A JOURNAL ABOUT THE MARINE AND I HAD TO REPOST TO GET SOME ATTENTION ! Well one of my mom friends did and thanks to her helping its finally POPULAR . Without me begging could ALL OF YOU CLICK YES WHEN YOU COME TO LOOK ! THANK YOU ..........


                 What You Can Do
  • Let your representative in Washington know how you feel about the Feres Doctrine. Contact your senator here or contact your representative here.

  • The group Veterans Equal Rights Protection Agency, which tracks soldiers who are misdiagnosed, says there are hundreds of misdiagnosed cases across the country. Find out how to contact VERPA here.

  • If you'd like to offer support for the family of Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez, please click hereto e-mail the CBS Evening News and we will profide information about their fund.

  • And you can always join our online community and comment on Byron Pitts story here, or on his blog post at Couric & Co. blog.





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    Feb. 3, 2008 at 12:15 AM Thanks TNT1014   thank you so much ! i want this to have an impact on the goverment ......

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    Feb. 4, 2008 at 7:48 PM

    Hi,  as a mom of a soldier serving in Iraq , this video totally blows me away. Thanx so much. Rhonda

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