Being a victim of child abuse from my mother. I am finding it hard 2 manage everyday life as a mother of one baby. I have a wonderful family that I had always hoped for. I have been through the therapy to help w/ what had happened, yet I am very suspicious of people to this day. I find that I don't trust people with my child unless I am there to supervise & know that she will never be harmed by anyone. I feel sort of ocd about it. I know that it is a natural feeling to not want to "let go" of your first child but I feel that I am mother bear protecting my cub. I feel it is my duty 2 never let anything hurt her. Even if that means looking at every person I meet w/ suspicion & my conscious telling me beware. Now with all these pedophiles,  what the hell! Any one else feel this way or been in this situation?

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:10 AM I'm very protective of my kids too.  I worry so much.  I understand how you feel.  All i want is for them to be safe.

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