What is a real friend to you? My real friends are the people that look me in the eye and tell me that Troy's going to be fine. The ones that offer their free time and energy so that I can take a nap, clean my house, relax, Shower or spend the day at the hospital with Troy. These people and only them are the ones who have kept me going since August. My mom....my savior...my daughter is currently sick...a cold of all things and she's not sleeping...she's just cranky.. and I understand why..she's absolutely misserable!! My mom has taken her from me and put her to sleep or dealt with her so that I can have a minute to myself. My sister...has done everything for me too! She'll babysit so that I can go to the hospital...she buys Kiley new clothes every six months or so just because. She offers her whole self to me...if I need to cry she's there if I need to talk she's there...if I need help she's there...and i'll never understand it but she always there! All of my friends on here and locally...Have been such a HUGE  support! I can't thank you ladies enough....I feel like a single mom...Troy's been in the hospital soo long. I never thought i'd feel like this or that i'd be "alone" raising Kiley...but here I am. The hardest part now is that I HAVE to find work by March. Troy's A&S pay is almost out and we won't have an income anymore. So now it's the fun part of finding a baby sitter, a job, and balancing Troy, Kiley and work. I don't know how you single mommies do it!!! But I envy you for having the strength, ability, and love...to get out of bed every morning and face the day.  So here's to all the moms who work and don't work, who manage a full time job plus an infant, Or who manage  keeping up with house work and a infant ( which is a Full time job if you ask me). To the mommys that do it alone and to the ones that don't!  PLEASE make sure you take the time to enjoy the little things...because you never know when you just won't have the time to. Your situation can ALWAYS get worse...so be thankful for everyday, every smile, every kiss and every hug you get!

Thanks for reading, ***Nicki

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