LOL. Ok but seriously?! If they mention that they MIGHT have a headache we have to flutter over them like their damn mama's. But we can be DYING of the asian bird flu and we still have to tend to the kids, look pretty, cook, clean and oh yeah SMILE! lol eff you men! NOT only that if we have a "mom brain fart" and do something stupid with our kids (everyone does something) we should be condemend to hell but if a guy does something like ohhh let their five year old walk home from school hes "teaching them a lesson" or "he's only a man" #$@$!!%$^#! If I had the excuse "I'm only a man" do you REALIZE how perfect i would be?! LoL. That's it i'm feeding him hormone pills....hey...does anyone know if that would hurt him becuase that would be HALARIOUS!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 11:59 PM

Amen! You forgot though, that if they "clean" one day they expect a fricking medal for it!


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