I am sooo happy to say that this day is just about over.   I have a splitting headache. And I want a brownie...lol.

Last night my computer decided that it didn't want me on there anymore.  Phewy.  So I call tech support...who really was a freakin engfalish person talking to them...I couldn't understand anything.  He was all ummm, well, ummm. Okay enough with him. I will try to fix it myself.   Girls I worked on it for what seemed like hours last night. And then I tried to work on it this morning while the kids ate.  Well Jojo had a Major asthma attack.  Ohhhh man!!!!!!  Bless that child.   So we got that under control. I call the docs and told them what happened. Mainly because my neb treatments were expired and I needed a new one.  BEEN A LONG TIME since he has had a problem.  Soooo instead we have to go in. NO PROB.  So we get there. People were standing outside the door. I was all DAMNITS walking up the hall.  People smilin, and cheery, I got a DAMN headache.  It took 3 hrs.  Ohhh not just for the doc. But for him to seen. The go get blood work and xray.  Mind you I had all 4 kids. 3 hrs TOOO LONG.  I call my best friend and plead for her to come get the three younger ones....YAY!!!  30 mins later. After that I had to tackle hold my son so they can draw blood on him.

REASON.....I don't understand this. My son is having a hard time breathing...but it isn't asthma right now.  Doc said that it might be something in his oxgyen blood...if someone understands.  PLEASE let me know.   I am totally clueless.  But he breathes in REAL deep and let's it out. This happens every 5 mins. He isn't sick, no fever, no cough.  That is what I don't understand either.  But doc stood there talking to him for about 10 mins.  Watchin him breathe.....he is stunned.  HELLOOOO!  No help doc.  Sooo we will see. Now we are neb treatments...that really work. And a liquid steriod.  WOW!  My future.....MEAN SON!!!  Oh boy, what fun that is going to be. I know...sorry I am not taking it out on him....sarcasm girls. 

Then I go to Ginger's house....my best friend. The kids don't wanna leave....OHHHH I AM TIRED, exhausted I want to go home and sleep...instead I go get them something to eat..they chow I talk.  About 9:30 I come home.  Slam the kids to sleep and I am on here...where should I be IN THE BED!!!!   I will get there eventually.

That is how my day ROLLED!!!!!!!!


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 12:25 AM awww i feel for ya. Your doc sounds like an idiot thou...damn it must be national asshole day for docs cuz i had a fun 2 calls today too! Hope u get some rest and ur lil guy is feeling better soon. Watch the liquid steroids though they kept my daughter on that on and off for years and now we r struggling with wieght issues, headaches all the time and stomach problems..oh but the asthma is better so they think its okay..uhh. Wishes for rest for u and ur gang!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:14 AM Wow that is an eventful day.  Glad to see you made your way through it and hoping for a smoother weekend for you.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:18 PM I hope today was better than yesterday!

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