Today was a very busy day for me and my family. I had a lot of running to do, Im glad its finally winding down. We got quite a lot of snow and ice here last night and it made for some pretty rough driving. I was scared my daughter would get out in it and fall and hurt herself or the baby so I had to watch her like a hawk. lol She made it just fine. I bought her some new clothes today, she really needed some as all her clothes are already getting tight. She is only a little over 8wks preganant and you still cant hardly even tell she is preggers but her clothes were getting tight so I found her some cute clothes today, the were not regular "Maternity" wear, persay but they are cute and will stretch with her as she grows. I bought the baby a cute little shirt, it said something to the effect that "Grandma thinks Im priceless". It was so sweet, it had a little UPC barcode on it and those words. She liked it. She wants to do her nursery in Winnie the Pooh and when I went to Wal-Mart this morning they only had one Winnie The Pooh baby book left and I got it for her. She was tickled to get it too.  I have been having trouble with Yahoomail all day long and even google mail wont load, I dont understand why either of them wont load properly and I cannot even check our email. I have to wonder if the system is down or if its a problem with my silly pc. Well, thats all for now, will update again soon! Take care!

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