So Tim and I got into it.  This time I don't think it was my fault... I'll admit to it if it is my fault... which it usually is.  I busted my ass this week cleaning and cooking and of course fighting the all wonderful sleep battle with Miss. Noodle.  Dh came home each day, ate my dinners, and mumbled a "Thanks for Food" in between shoveling food into his mouth.  I asked him while I was cooking dinner (he was supposed to cook, I was washing dishes so he was waiting to boil the water, I filled it for him and he apparently thought that I was cooking) "Do you think we take eachother for granted?" Meaning, Do YOU take ME for granted?  He replied with "No", and continued playing a computer game.  I told him that lately "I've been feeling a little under appreciated" and that "I take care of everything around here, even your jobs as a favor, and then it's still rare for you to thank me".  I told him "I don't mind taking care of all this, but if you see me doing it, it would be nice to hear a 'Thanks Hun' or something".   He replied with "What the hell is up your ass?  I say thank you all the time!!!"  I said "No, not really."  Then pointed out the fact that I've been walking the pups, and taking out the trash, and that the cat litter bag he was supposed to take out (3 litterboxes worth of dirty litter) 3 days ago, I took out.  He said "Well, I was going to walk the dogs"... I responded with "That's not the point, I did it as a favor..."  At this point there was yelling.  I started crying and kept cooking.  I told him "I just feel under appreciated that's all, I wish you wouldn't argue with me on how I feel" and he said "You're the one with the attitude, I only have one now because you pissed me off"  I just lost it, I told him if he's so pissed off, then he can leave until he doesn't have an attitude"  Usually when I say this I back out and tell him I'm sorry, even if I don't have a reason to apoligize.  This time, I let him leave.  He's gone.  Most likely to Bud's house to get Stoned.  I don't think I was wrong, I told him "Instead of arguing, you could've just said, Sorry hun, Thanks for cooking."  I don't know.  I am not going to be able to sleep so cafemom it is and a pack of smokes.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 4:38 AM

i knew a girl once who couldn't wait to be married and taken for granted. not kidding. i am quoting her, without the little quote marks, because i'm too lazy to mash shift and the apostrophe key to make them.  i wanted to slap her.

good for you for not apologizing.  you didn't do anything wrong.  your feelings are yours alone, you own them, they cannot be wrong.

hugs girl.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 5:09 AM

I made dinner last night.  No thank you.  I was grateful he ate normal food instead of his nutrisystem food.  cooking for one is no fun. 

I don't do everything.  Leave his laundry on the floor, make dinner for yourself, leave his dishes out.

I work fulltime, help get the kids to school, help with homework, making sure the kids are bathed and fed, clean house on the weekends, grocery shopping, pay bills.  he helps do dishes, his laundry, mow the law, trim the roses and bushes, vacuum, and take out the trash and he works fulltime too.


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 3:21 PM And so are the days of our lives.  Reminds me of Thursday night when dh spilt the damn water thingy and started yelling how the hell are YOU going to clean this up.  I just cried.  I've been working my ass off all week to get things ready for HIS child.  I get home from the store today to find left over ruble from their breakfast everywhere, beer cans everywhere, and well things are trashed.  "yeah honey we'll all help out"  BULLSHIT!  Ok, your vent not mine, but i swear our idiot dh's are twins.  You know my number if you get bored.

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 1:37 AM Men have this problem with feelings. I don't know why, but I swear, they are incapable of listening to the fact that your feelings are hurt, and instead all they hear is "bitch bitch, nag nag" and they feel the need to defend themselves. It really pisses me off. I'm glad you let him leave, too. It's been a few days since you posted this, so I hope he realized while gone that he was in the wrong, here.

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