DH got his taxes back fast this year (Can't recommend Turbo Tax Deluxe set HIGHLY enough!!!) and he gave me my Valentine's Day present early!!! He got me a kodak digital camera with docking station that I've wanted for years now!!! YEAH!!! He's SOOOO AWESOME!!! Now all I have to do is figure the dog gone thing out and I can upload some pictures on here...lol!!! Sometimes I REALLY HATE technology..lol!! Just when I have it figure it out..then it changes on me....rotflmao!!

Gotta give him some attention and love for this one!!...

PS: While it's wonderful...I think he's trying to keep my spirits up because he knows that Valentines Day is hard for me because my mom passed away the day after Valentine's Day in 2001 and she was my best friend. So it's a hard time of year for me. Isn't he sweet???

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 11:44 PM I LOVE TURBOTAX IT's GREAT

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