Wow...oh wow. How incredible life is. I have had the most amazing week with constant divine intervention. Or maybe it was always there but my eyes weren't opened right. Every time I breath, turn around...nearly every moment leaves me in awe.

I go to find spiritual books to suit my style at the local library book sale room and come out with armloads of perfect books, some books I had just been talking about in the week before. Strangely specific as though here was my path, as I requested, and here were the books.

I get ideas, and I think it's God guiding me so I ask for a confirmation if that's my path and....pow! There it is, in the most clear revelation imaginable. There are these signs everywhere that it is like God is having a conversation with me.

I had this incredible idea last night and so I prayed about a sign if this thing (to make and sell) was what I am supposed to do. Low and behold, the sign came! I prayed help for my husband not be so cynical in the obvious guidance I recieve (I hate using this word because he is so loving, kind and supportive to me in matters he can grasp) He has witnessed some amazing things, I see the shock in his eyes as these answers to prayers, these very clear moments of, "Hello!", and because he can't wrap his brain around something so BIG and unconventional he tries to dismiss it as some random chance thing) so I ask God to let him see that there is something ELSE going on here (I made it clear I was not trying to alter his spiritual path but I wanted him to realize that God possibilty is the most amazing thing so he can understand, to some extent, what journey I am on.) Tonight he went to the craft store to get me some things I needed for the project and there was a woman IN THE STORE asking about some program (not so coincidentally right while standing near my husband) to make something very similar to what I am wanting to make(a wonderful variation of the same idea). Trust me, it is not a common thing that we are making. And I could tell by his reaction when he relayed the story to me, he IS seeing it for what it is. Two prayers answered in one moment, so clearly. I could not have fabricated a more perfect eye opener for him myself, there's just no way that was a random thing. The power of prayer and this amazing and universal God.  :)

I always "got" that prayer was an awesome thing but this understaning of how and what God really is, it makes much sense to me. And since I have clearly solidified in my mind exactly what and how I understand God, it all seems to click. It's all the same thing I beleived for so long now, yet it's all completely different. That is because everything in my life and my spiritual walk is more clear than it's ever been.

I really needed to let that all out. It's wonderful and somewhat overwhelming to experience what I am experiencing. I am deeply happy...deeply, more deeply than ever before...and everything feels right.

I have a good life, good man, good kids, many blessings. Now, inside, oh, now it's all right inside. I am deeply healed and deeply happy, from my very deepest core to the tippy top outer edge blessings of my life. And for the first time in my life I am SOOOO excited about what the future holds for me! Because I know in my entire heart it's going to be a fantastic and exciting path. I am not afraid of getting old. I am not afraid of being alone. I am not afraid of failing. I am not afraid of my future. And I am most definitely not afraid to LIVE!

Got an energy buzz by reading this?

Big happy contented sigh.....

Now I am off to entertain my family as they are bored when mom is not hanging out with them and making the world a fun (kinda sweet, huh? I feel loved.)  Guess it's games time, now.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:37 AM It truly is amazing when we become aware and mindful, isn't it?  I love your energy!  What a great post!

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