As I sit here typing this journal I realize how uneventful my days have become and then it dawns on me that I don't have many of those left. I look forward to those days where my silence is broken by the sound of a baby laughing, cooing, babbling, and yes even his cries. Watching his firsts...his first breath after coming into this world, his first cries when he takes that first breath, his first smile, first tooth, so many firsts coming. And to be honest I can't wait to see this world thru the eyes of innocence all over again as my baby has his own baby.

My son doesn't even know what joy he has in store for him when his son arrives. How could he possibly understand when he hasn't lived it yet. I have thoughts in my mind on how much my son will fall in love when he sees his own baby. He will have all the usual first time doubts that all new parents have like: Will I be a good parent? Am I doing everything right? So on and so forth....but like all new parents he will learn as we all had to and it will just be natural. I just know that my son will make a great dad even though he is young. I believe that his son was meant to be and there is a reason that he is a dad so young.

In only a few days or weeks I will be holding my grandson and watching as my son becomes a father before he has graduated high school but I feel that with the support that he has from everyone around him that they will do just fine and Logan will grow up healthy and happy. At least that is what I am praying for tonight.

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