OK! Here is the news! & what GOOD news it is! Brett's oxygen level is still @ 90 % YEAH! He had a CT Scan today 2-1-08 & were waiting on results, But the swelling in his body is GOING DOWN Thank you God!

Thank you all for the prayers & thoughts for Brett & the family!!

 PLEASE go to this web site, Its a direct link to one of our hospitals where Brett is AGMC, You can pick a FREE card for Brett & the hospital will print & deleiver it right to him @ 0 cost!! Please I know you would want this done if it were a family member of yours & it only takes a few moments!!

Brett Phy & when it asks for his room number just put SICU, Please sign the card from your family & from KHOP's family so Brett will know who you all are that is pulling for him!


Thanks you guys there's nothing better than the power of prayer!! & we are all moving heaven & earth with all of ours as Sexy has said (=

Laura you are amazing!! Thank you so much for finding the web site to the hospital & getting it out there!! I love you so much for this!!!

I love all of you beautiful ladies for all you have done!!

Thanks you guys there's nothing better than the power of prayer

My babys!

I swear its non alcoholic

Hey there

You qq'n @ me lol

Too kewl

Mr. Brett

Brett about to dog that corn

Brett & a friend from school

Brett & Kateland

Brett & Kateland

 Kateland, Brett's fiance

The Fly Boy's yes my son is in my old Belly Dancing Costume! LOL Mom Dukes Fly Boys!

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