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Well, so far the night has been far less traumatic than I had thought.  The girls got home and, of course, headed straight for their binkies.  Olivia looked at them and said "my binkies are broken."  I explained to them that the Binky Fairy came to chew up their binkies because sometimes little girls get too big for binkies.  Then I gave them some stuffed animals I bought them.  They giggle when you press their foot and I told Olivia when she was sad about her binky the hippo would make her smile by laughing.  She wasn't buying that.  She asked me to fix her binky.  I told her I couldn't.  She started crying.  Isabelle brought me one and said "fix it."  I told her it was trash.  So she gathered up all the binkies and threw them in the trash can.  Then she walked up to Olivia and said "shut up." (and I quickly hid my face because it cracked me up, even though I don't let them say "shut up.")

A little while later, Olivia came up to me and said very sadly "Mommy, did Jesus chew up my binky?"  I tried not to laugh and said "yes, baby, Jesus wants you to be a big girl so he chewed up your binky."  Probably NOT what I should have said, but I was pretty surprised by the question.  Apparently she doesn't believe in fairies, because later on in the night she was telling my friend that when she grows up and gets bigger and her teeth fall out that Jesus, not the Tooth Fairy, will come bring her a a prize.

Then they forgot about all about their binkies...

I even put Olivia's new earrings in tonight... the ones I bought her months ago as a bargaining chip to get her to give up the binky voluntarily.  She refused once we got home with them so I wouldn't give them to her.

Isabelle cried out for her "ginky" once when we put her to bed.  Haven't heard a peep from her since.

Olivia asked me to fix her binky again when she went to bed and cried a little when I said I couldn't, but it didn't last long.  She was pretty hard to get to go to bed, but in addition to no binky, she was up late and wound up because my friend brought his little boy (her best friend) over to play. 

So I'm crossing my fingers that it will really continue to be this easy.

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