Good Evening,

It is the 1st of February and Bookwise has new Downloads available.


Free Audio book & E-book. Just for checking my site.


I am so glad you are reading this, because you love to read, I think this would be something of interest for you. 

Today was crazy Friday. I went to my sons Hockey game which is outside and the rink was on a hill with the wind Blowing. BRRRR. I usually Love the cold, but I had to give him my gloves.  Sunday I plan on bringing extras, Hats, Gloves, Scarves & Hot Cocoa.


Now I am trying to get Warm and plan a busy day tomorrow. My other daughter just got glasses and looks so grown up. I miss seeing her Eyes. She has the Biggest Bluest Eyes and Now they have to be behind Lenses.. Difficult for me..


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